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About Founder

Hi, I Am Abraham Adeniyi

I am a lifestyle designer, an internet entrepreneur, and an author. I created this website as a one-stop destination for ambitious people who want to get ahead faster.

The story begins 8 years ago when I read a book about goal setting and how to design your future.

I soon realized that if I didn’t plan my future and design a lifestyle that suits my personality, I would end up like most people. I realized that I might be stuck working in office, entering data into spreadsheets and working late hours in a job I hate.

The worst part is, I was already stuck in that life without even seeing it as a serious problem. If I did nothing, I could be stuck  that miserable lifestyle for life!

I started asking – why does success’ mean more responsibility but no more job satisfaction?

After a lot of research, I saw a pattern. It’s like this:

When we’re at school and we’re forced to specialize and choose. Which course at school is most likely to help you become a best-selling author? Or a pop star? Hmm. We end up biding our time by doing something that we enjoyed at school—history or geography, maybe.

Then we go to college and we study that course for a year or three, only to find ourselves back at home living with our parents and without a job when we leave. If we want to get back our independence, then we’re going to need to take on a job just to pay the bills.

So we work for our friend’s dad’s company. Or we work in a supermarket. Or maybe an estate agent.

Then we get a few promotions and we find ourselves climbing the ranks—actually, we’re on an okay salary.

And it’s just as well too—because our responsibilities are beginning to increase as we find ourselves with partners, maybe wanting to buy a house, maybe with children.

And before you know it, you’re ‘area manager’, or you’re ‘director of logistics’, or you’re an estate agent.

They’re not bad jobs but they sure aren’t exciting and they sure don’t fill you with impassioned excitement. But you have kids on the way and you really need the money: now is not the time to do something foolish like starting your own business, or changing jobs, or taking out a loan. And nor do you have the time in the evening to do the things you want to do…

Can you relate to that? Surely many people can. So I did something about it.

After a lot of learning, disappointments, and years, I have been able to design a lifestyle that helps me do more of what I love and less of the things I hate.

That’s why I launched on OCTOBER 24, 2019 as a resource targeted for ambitious people hate average life.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, employee or entrepreneur – if your goal isn’t just to exist but to live, if your aim isn’t just to survive but to thrive, then you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help you achieve your goals faster than you’ve ever imagined.

At, our main goal is to provide cutting-edge helpful info that’s easy to understand and will make your journey a lot easier and rewarding. We’re here to help you work smarter and achieve more with less.

What We Do to Help You Succeed?

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